CCF Expenses Claim
Expenses incurred for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of the CCFCC & CCI will be fully reimbursed under the following conditions:
1. That the expense reflects a true “out of pocket” payment made on behalf of the CCFCC &CCI
2. That the expense is supported by an official receipt (original copy) issued by the vendor.
3. That the notice of claim has been pre-approved by a majority ruling of the Board of Directors or has been authorized by the National Treasurer under the terms of his/her mandate.
4. That the claim meets all of the criteria of allowable expenses outlined in CCFCC Bylaws.

All claims are to be presented on this form with applicable receipts from which copies or originals may be attached. If submitting electronically, scanned copies of originals they must be uploaded with the claim. In all cases were copies of originals are submitted, Canada Revenue Agency requires that you maintain and make available for scrutiny said receipts for a maximum of seven (7) years. Failure to do so will result in the CCF making a back-claim for any amounts contested.
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Try to scan small receipts collectively by taping on a single page. Scan at minimum 150 dpi to PDF or JPEG formats. If you have the ability to include all pages in one scan then use a single attachment, otherwise upload as seperate pages.
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