We would appreciate your input to the following survey. Responses will be forwarded to the National Membership Chair for evaluation and reports to the National Board. Please be realistic in your response to suggestions and commentary.

1) How long have you been a member of the CCFCC?

2) What CCFCC region is your home branch located in?

3) Are you happy with current membership benefits?
If No - make suggestions and known resources:
Different benefits
Improve incentives

4) How much of an impact does cost of membership
play when making the decision to renew your
CCFCC Membership?

5) Have you ever attended a CCFCC National Conference?

6) If you answered no to question 5.
What is the main reason for not attending?

7) In your opinion what could be done to increase CCFCC
membership? Check all that apply
Training seminars
Continuing education
More opportunity for
national involvement

8) What is your current membership status?

9) What area of the industry are you currently working in?

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