Each month, we gather a selection of fantastic recipes from various Canadian food bloggers across the web, highlighting a specific main ingredient. For this month, our spotlight is on CABBAGE!

Without further ado, here are 5 cabbage recipes you should definitely check out!

Cabbage Soup

This simple and immune-boosting soup featuring lentils, cabbage, and squash is an ideal choice for those moments when you want a wholesome and revitalizing meal.

Needless to say, this soup is both satisfying and rejuvenating.

The key components of this soup include cabbage, butternut squash, onions, garlic, and lentils. To enhance the natural flavors of these ingredients, we’ve added a delicate blend of paprika, dill, and thyme.

This combination creates a harmonious taste that lets the goodness of the main ingredients shine through. Pair this soup with bread and cheese, or opt for a lighter option like bread and butter, or even crackers for a small and satisfying midday snack between brunch and dinner.

Cabbage Coleslaw

Say goodbye to ordinary coleslaw, as this mayo-free cabbage coleslaw with sesame miso dressing is anything but ordinary! Crisp and crunchy cabbage gets a delightful upgrade with a flavorful vinaigrette infused with the richness of miso and the nuttiness of sesame.

This easy coleslaw recipe is a fantastic accompaniment to salmon, tacos, sandwiches, or burgers.

Not only is it a delicious addition to your meal, but it’s also a convenient option when you’re hosting friends for dinner.

Whether you’re serving burgers, seafood, chicken, or a barbecue feast, this coleslaw is the perfect complement. It also pairs wonderfully with dishes like Baked Salmon Patties or Air Fryer Salmon Patties for a well-rounded and flavorful meal.

Red Cabbage Soup

Get ready to be amazed by the striking beauty of this red cabbage soup which is a true visual delight with its captivating bright purple hue.

Beyond its stunning appearance, this creamy soup boasts exceptional nutrition and an irresistible taste that will leave everyone craving for seconds!

The vibrant and rich purple color of the cabbage is a clear sign of its abundance of antioxidants, flavonoids, as well as vitamins A and C. This cruciferous vegetable doesn’t hold back on benefits – in fact, purple cabbage contains twice the amount of vitamin C compared to its green counterpart.

Cabbage Salad

This recipe offers a delightful mix of nutritious vegetables, apples, and zesty dill in every bite. It’s wallet-friendly and convenient for prepping ahead, as it keeps well in the fridge.

Unlike traditional coleslaw, it’s mayo-free, making it a great choice for warm weather. Its versatility shines as it complements a range of grilled meats, making it an ideal side dish for your upcoming backyard BBQ or potluck gathering.

Red Cabbage Sauekraut

If you haven’t tried red cabbage sauerkraut yet, you’re in for a treat! This easy recipe follows the traditional lacto-fermenting method, which might sound intimidating, but I’ll guide you through the simple steps.

Once you experience the homemade goodness, you won’t want store-bought sauerkraut again!

Lacto-fermenting red cabbage sauerkraut is a traditional technique that’s making a comeback. The end result is a uniquely tangy and complex flavor, enriched with beneficial probiotics for gut health.

All you need are evenly cut, clean produce, a brine made with salt water, and an airtight container to keep the fermenting process safe and air-free.

The natural bacteria present in fruits and vegetables (lactobacillus) will work their magic, creating a naturally pickled taste with minimal effort on your part. Give it a try and discover the flavorful world of homemade sauerkraut!