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An Interview with Planted and Picked, a Prominent Canadian Food Blogger

Every month, we highlight a distinct Canadian Food Blogger from within the community. For this month, we’ll get acquainted with Scott and Sandra of Planted and Picked as they delve into the realms of a health-conscious plant-based diet and lifestyle
What prompted the creation of your blog?
Sandra, with her expertise as a wellness coach specializing in women’s health and metabolic and hormonal balance, aimed to offer a platform that promotes the incorporation of plant-based meals into a wholesome diet.
Our shared passion for cooking and extensive time spent in the kitchen also played a role. Additionally, the …

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5 Cabbage Recipes to Make Every Day More Flavorful

Each month, we gather a selection of fantastic recipes from various Canadian food bloggers across the web, highlighting a specific main ingredient. For this month, our spotlight is on CABBAGE!
Without further ado, here are 5 cabbage recipes you should definitely check out!
Cabbage Soup

This simple and immune-boosting soup featuring lentils, cabbage, and squash is an ideal choice for those moments when you want a wholesome and revitalizing meal.
Needless to say…

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A Taste of Romance: Canadian-Inspired Valentine’s Day Recipes

Whether you’re planning a delightful surprise for your beloved or simply desiring some luxurious truffles for yourself, our collection of Valentine’s Day recipes covers all bases. We’ve got an array of sweet treats for every preference, as well as a touch of savory options.
Let’s check them out.
Strawberry Breakfast Pastries

These delightful pastries are a breeze to make, requiring just 5 simple ingredients. The recipe is made even …

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