Every month, we highlight a distinct Canadian Food Blogger from within the community. For this month, we’ll get acquainted with Scott and Sandra of Planted and Picked as they delve into the realms of a health-conscious plant-based diet and lifestyle

What prompted the creation of your blog?

Sandra, with her expertise as a wellness coach specializing in women’s health and metabolic and hormonal balance, aimed to offer a platform that promotes the incorporation of plant-based meals into a wholesome diet.

Our shared passion for cooking and extensive time spent in the kitchen also played a role. Additionally, the blog serves as an avenue for my creative expression as a photographer.

What is the main content of your blog?

Our blog predominantly revolves around sharing our experiences with preparing plant-based meals within our own household.

We firmly believe that crafting meals from scratch grants us optimal control over the ingredients we use. Our philosophy centers on the idea that the more food you consume without labels, the healthier you’re likely to be.

Our mission is to provide satisfying and nourishing plant-based nutrition, a principle that’s put to the test by our resident taste testers—our family members. Our repertoire includes a mix of straightforward recipes and more adventurous culinary creations.

Is there a particular blog post you wish received more attention?

While we appreciate any attention our blog receives, there is one post in particular that we believe deserves more recognition – our Roasted Vegetable Lasagna.

This dish has truly impressed guests who typically don’t opt for plant-based meals. The robustness of flavors, achieved through the crucial step of roasting the vegetables, has surprised and delighted many.

Although the hour of preparation before baking might require a bit more effort than a quick weeknight meal, we’re hopeful that there are cooking enthusiasts out there who embrace the extra prep time for the sake of exceptional taste.

What’s the most significant challenge you face as a blogger?

Time is definitely our biggest challenge. Juggling a full-time job, daily training, and caring for our children at home requires a lot of effort.

Sandra’s growing women’s health practice also demands attention. We take great care in selecting what to share on our blog, and photography is equally important. Properly capturing food can be time-intensive, especially for more complex dishes.

When we feature a recipe on our blog, it signifies that it’s earned a high rank in our estimation. Yet, it’s often the photographs that draw the attention of potential visitors to our site. The process of food preparation, styling, and photography is time-consuming.

What’s your most significant achievement as a blogger?

One of the most rewarding successes we’ve experienced is having our university-bound child use the recipes from our blog while away at school. Even though she isn’t exclusively plant-based, the fact that she finds value in preparing our plant-based recipes is truly gratifying.

It highlights the positive impact of healthy plant-based eating and encourages us to continue sharing our culinary journey.

While we eagerly anticipate the growth of our community and the potential for further achievements, this personal connection and influence on our own family’s choices is a meaningful accomplishment.