Raspberries have the power to elevate a multitude of dishes – from delectable desserts to savory dressings.

In this article, we’ve gathered a treasure trove of 5 raspberry recipes curated by Canadian food bloggers that you can try out for yourself.

Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

These yummy baked oatmeal raspberry bars are really delicious and simple to prepare. They’re packed with great taste and make for a convenient snack. Making them only takes a few minutes, and they’re both tangy and have a soft, chewy texture.

They are made using only a few basic ingredients, so they come together fast and easily. Besides, the raspberries give them a super tangy flavor. They’re not too sugary, but just sweet enough to satisfy a craving for something sweet.

Easy Raspberry Pie

This raspberry pie is just right – not too sweet and not too sour. The inside part is rich and full of fresh raspberries. It’s fast and simple to make, and you only need 6 ingredients!

The best part is that you can get this pie ready for baking in under 10 minutes. Just mix together 4 filling ingredients, put them into the pie crust you’ve lined, add some butter on top, and cover it with the upper pie crust.

Raspberry Syrup

You only need 2 ingredients and 15 minutes to make this raspberry syrup which is perfect for drinks, cocktails, pancakes, yogurt, oatmeal, and desserts.

You can drizzle it on pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal, or mix it into your favorite hot drink or cocktail to add a burst of fruity taste. Alternatively, you can try it on vegan cheesecake or as a drizzle over pomegranate cake.

Raspberry Gummies

Creating your own raspberry gummies using authentic raspberries and gelatin is a simple task. They’re full of fresh fruity flavor and contain far less sugar compared to gummy candies you buy in stores.

To make it, let a bag of frozen raspberries thaw and got rid of the juice. After that, mix in a small amount of sugar and a bit of lemon juice. Then, dissolve a lot of gelatin in this mixture and pour it into candy molds.

These gummies are much better for you and have a more natural and delicious taste than the artificially flavored gummy candies you find in shops.

Raspberry Mule

The raspberry mule is a tasty twist on a Moscow Mule. It has the same stuff as a regular Moscow Mule — fresh lime juice, vodka, and fizzy ginger beer. However, adding fresh raspberries makes it taste juicy, sweet, and tangy. The mix is really yummy and gives a nice refreshment!

You can make these pretty pink drinks for your next get-together, summer cookout, or fun night with your friends!