Canada is surrounded by expansive wilderness and diverse wildlife. We appreciate the chance to stock our refrigerators and freezers with wild game meat during the winter season.

In this article, we’ll present you with a collection of outstanding wild game recipes created by Canadian recipe developers and food bloggers:

Instant Pot Venison Roast

Prepared alongside onions, potatoes, and carrots, this filling roast is a satisfying and comforting meal. The meat becomes wonderfully tender and practically melts in your mouth.

With just an hour of cooking, you’ll have a plate full of succulent meat, delicious vegetables, and a perfectly seasoned gravy!

Maple Salmon

This a quick and simple air fryer recipe for wild-caught salmon. Just cut the salmon into small pieces, coat it with maple syrup, and place it in your air fryer.

This dish is delicious when served on top of rice or noodles, garnished with black sesame seeds and scallions for added flavor.

Bison Meatballs

These tasty bison meatballs provide a healthier option compared to using ground beef. They’re incredibly fast and simple to prepare, taking less than thirty minutes from start to finish, and can even be prepared ahead of time.

Mix them into your preferred marinara sauce and enjoy them over pasta for a wonderfully comforting and satisfying meal.

Moose Stew

This moose stew which is cooked in a slow cooker is perfect for those chilly, dark winter evenings. It’s a twist on a traditional stew, with some wholesome northern touches.

Instead of using white potatoes, this stew features turnips. However, you’ll also discover alternative ingredients and ways to customize the recipe to your liking.

Salmon and Grilled Asparagus

This dish combines wild salmon and grilled asparagus, which is then served on a bed of quinoa and topped with a flavorful romesco sauce. It’s a fantastic way to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your meal.

Perfect for barbecuing, this recipe draws inspiration from charred vegetables with romesco sauce, a popular choice in the Catalunya region.

Moose Burger

Indulge in the richness and wonderful taste of these game meat burgers, crowned with applewood smoked cheddar. They’re bound to be a crowd-pleaser at your upcoming barbecue. An excellent choice for those open to trying something new!

With its leanness, moose meat is perfect for grinding and incorporating into burgers and meatballs. If you’re not a hunter, consider connecting with a local one to obtain the meat.

Duck Noodle Soup

This is a wonderful recipe to utilize leftover roasted duck and its carcass.

You can make use of the carcass to create a flavorful and hearty broth that forms the foundation for this tasty “pho style” noodle soup.

Salmon with Mango Salsa

Mango salsa is the perfect complement to a piece of fresh wild salmon, whether you choose to bake, grill, or air fry it.

Small, delectable chunks of mango, red onion, lime, red bell pepper, and cilantro elevate the flavors of this mango salsa.

This recipe is versatile and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Prepare it in the oven or air fryer during colder months or on the barbecue during the summer.