Discover family-friendly food destinations around the globe for culinary travel that’s perfect for your young family. From Canada to international spots, enjoy kid-friendly restaurants and a variety of activities while creating precious family memories.

Say goodbye to standard fast food – these destinations offer rich culinary experiences for everyone.


Boston is steeped in American history and boasts indulgent seafood dishes, often accompanied by luscious butter sauce. It’s renowned for its kid-friendly atmosphere.

Here, you can indulge in seafood delights with recommended spots like Jae’s Café and Grill (for sushi), La Verdad (near Fenway), Barking Crab, the Salty Pig, Parish Café, and Mooo.

If you have older kids, the Freedom Trail and historic sites are a must. They will be able to relish harbor-front activities like duck walks and whale-watching cruises. Of course, make sure you don’t miss the Boston Children’s Museum for just a $1 admission every Friday!


Montreal is our top food destination in Canada. It offers a remarkable blend of culinary and family-friendly experiences, with a welcoming attitude towards kids in fine dining establishments.

They can indulge in smoked meat, croissants, crepes, poutine, and foie gras. As for activities go, you can explore the Biodome, Granby Zoo, and Botanical Garden, and be sure to steer clear of the fountains.


Sydney has been on the world foodie map for almost a decade but is still overlooked all too often because… well, 23-hour flights. Perth is also well worth checking out.

There are lots of food to try here. Some good examples include the Tiger pie, Asian cafe cuisine, and lamb.

As for places to try, you can go to Umi which delivers your sushi on a train and is located beside some great attractions. You can also visit Harry’s Café de Wheels for the tiger pie, and you’re guaranteed a good view of the Harbourfront at Sean’s Panorama.


Paris instantly comes to mind when talking about European food cities. While it no longer claims the most Michelin stars (that distinction belongs to Tokyo), it still maintains an impressive food legacy and a rich culinary heritage.

You can indulge in an array of delectable bread, chocolates, cheeses, and hearty bistro meals. Although strollers may not always be warmly welcomed, Les 400 Coups offers scheduled storytimes and kids’ art sessions alongside a traditional French bistro menu.


Boasting the highest number of Michelin stars of any city worldwide, along with incredible street food offerings, Tokyo is a playground for gastronomes. Beyond that, it’s a place of abundant family-friendly activities.

In this city, you can relish sushi, ramen, hot pot, and street food wonders. It also delights with a diverse selection of Asian cuisines.

You want to try Sometaro for traditional Japanese fare in a lively setting, explore the dumpling paradise at Gyoza Stadium, indulge in exquisite desserts at Sweets Forest curated by 8 renowned chefs, and experience the whimsy of Alice’s Fancy Dining, an Alice in Wonderland-themed eatery.